To help men and women come to grips with their pornography addiction and to move from a place where they can say “I’m addicted” To “I’m set free” all by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ who came to set the captives free.


Men and women would come to truly know the forgiveness of Jesus, his sanctifying work in their lives, and be set free from the bondage of pornography. That God would pull them out of the pitset their feet on solid ground,freeing them to live for His glory. The pattern of sin management would be shattered by breakthrough and victory.


The bible says that sexual sin (immorality) is sin against God and your own bodies. – 1 Corinthians 6. Few sins can affect you more than sexual sin. Sexual sin falls into the following categories; sex outside of marriage, lust, and viewing pornography. Pornography encourages the other two and brings our spiritual life to a dangerous precipice.

Why is sexual sin so dangerous? It is able to pull your mind away from God with shame and guilt, and thoughts that are riddled with lust. Viewing porn regularly is like putting on lust glasses. Even when your not viewing porn, the women you see are seen through a lustful lens,and clouded lustful minds do not produce a productive life or honor God.