Bible Study


This Bible study is for those struggling with lust or pornography.

Today we live in a culture that not just turns a blind eye to sex outside of marriage but even encourages it. The same people that find it acceptable to sleep around will likely tell young men and women that pornography and lust are equally harmless. Lust has become a societal epidemic, holding men and women from all ages, races, and religions firmly under it’s control.

God created sex to be enjoyed in the context of a loving marriage between man and wife, not as porn portrays is it as a degrading attack on a human’s dignity driven by lust. The more we look at porn the more we desire to view it. The images become engraved in our minds, and we start to view women in the world through a pornographic lens. This is not a life of peace, but a life bound tightly in a spiral of lust.

Jesus came to free us from this spiral. I pray that through this bible study you will turn to him, receive forgiveness, repent and lay it at the cross. Jesus died for our sins of the past, now, and in the future. The Devil tries to condemn us, beat us up with guilt and shame by making us think we have gone too deep, that we’re not worth it to God. It’s never too late to turn around and give it up to him and get your feet back on solid ground.

Make no mistake, and do not paint it as anything but an addiction. To approach it as anything less serious is to naively ignore the gravity and seriousness of the grip that lust has tightened on the current generation. The most important thing to do is bring this into the light of Christ’s redeeming, sanctifying presence so we can cleanse ourselves to better live according to His designs for our life.

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