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Covenant Eyes provides screen accountability to those who are fed up with their porn usage and want to quit. If you struggle and have access to porn, chances are you still going to look at it. If you know an accountability partner will be notified of any suspicious online porn related activity, you become awake to the reality that God isn’t the only one watching. Having an online accountability parter who knows your online habits will greatly improve your success rate . Become porn free and watch your life take off! Relationship with others and with God!

Together with a firm, but gentle sponsor and the help of my Higher Powers, Ive stopped destructive online Behavior. Thanks!- Covenant Eyes Member
The Accountability That Covenant Eyes provides helps me in my desire to honor God. - Covenant Eyes Member
Covenant Eyes has helped me stay on the right path and given my wife the confidence to trust for the first time in our marriage. So blessed to have this software!- Covenant Eyes Member
We belong to the light. Covenant Eyes has done more for my faith than I ever imagined. Every Christian man should use it! - Covenant Eyes Member

Get 30-Days Free with promo code BLAMELESS (web-based signups only)

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Blameless Ministries is a Covenant Eyes affiliate member. We recognize covenant eyes as an invaluable resource to becoming porn free. We greatly encourage you to sign up, receive your first 30 days free and continue on the path to purity.